TVS Partnerid

About the Company

TVS Partnerid AS operates in construction markets since 1992. Various individuals, firms, state authorities and self-governing agencies have been our ordering parties. We have managed to provide our partners with good professional quality construction services.

We offer our clients general contracting, design services, general construction and finishing work, expert assessment of construction works and owner supervision of buildings.

Besides Estonia, we have extensive experience in construction work in Finland, France and Russia. In close cooperation with Fermhouse OÜ team we offer our clients innovative solutions in manufacturing and installing timber frame houses and timber constructions. All construction elements are produced by the means of a fully automatic machine-tool Speed- Cut 1.

TVS Partnerid AS acts as representative and authorized installer of one of the biggest Finnish log house producer HONKATALOT.

TVS Partnerid AS is member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2003.